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Saturday Morning Media Mega Feed

Apr 30, 2016

GCast070_ArtMy guest this week, for this super-sized interview, is the great Luke Ski.  Luke is an artist, and animator and Dr. Demento's most requested comedy musician of the 21st century.  Luke and I discuss his career that has taken him from playing concerts at sci-fi conventions all over the country to, now, working at Cartoon...

Apr 30, 2016


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It's Assignment Day at the North Pole!  This is the day when all the elves get their assignments for the new toy making season.  In this episode, you'll hear Gaving,...

Apr 29, 2016

Sinbad became famous as a dog that served about the United States Coast Guard Cutter Campbell.  Learn all about Sinbad's service escorting ships in the Atlantic including an encounter with a German U-Boat in this episode of Famous Dogs of History!

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Apr 29, 2016

Say gang, check this out!  This is one of those new D-Tech, print on demand, smartphone cases.  This one is for an iPhone but you can get them for Android as well.  Anyway, this features the new Twenty-Eight and Main graphic of Big Al on the back of the phone case!  Watch as I do a proper unboxing and give it my 'Paw...