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The Saturday Morning Media Mega Feed

Jun 17, 2017

In This Episode...

Dr. Steve and Fidgert head to 1907 to try and make off with the first electric washing machine. Will they make a clean getaway? Or will Dr. Floyd and his crew pull the plug on this plan?

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Oct 24, 2016 - Happy Halloween from Saturday Morning Media. Our friend Roger the Ghost sings a cover of Real Live Girl from the musical Little me to his crush Catrina Quintanilla!

Catrina Quintanilla -
Puppet By
Song by Cy...

Mar 21, 2016

Hey gang!  Great news!  Disneyland now has the Country Bear Sipper Jugs that were only available at Walt Disney World before!  Check out the video to find out where you can get yours when you head into Disneyland!

2015 Walt Disney World Country Bear Jamboree Sipper Jug - Country Bear Collector Show #005


Jan 31, 2016

Art By Chris Sheets

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Elf Centered for January 31, 2016 - Gary is in the studio today with Gavin and he wants to talk about a lot of stuff and not talk about a lot of other stuff....

Dec 23, 2015

Launching December 31, 2015!  Elf Centered is a once a month, completely improvised, broadcast direct from the North Pole!  Finally, the truth about what really goes on, behind the scenes of Santa’s Village.  Join your elf host Gavin and his friends Beatrice and Gary as they delve into what it’s really like working...