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The Saturday Morning Media Mega Feed

Oct 15, 2017

STARRING: John Billingsley, Bonita Friedericy and Jim Ruel

Dr. Steve and Fidgert head back to the year 1621 to try and steal the Horn of Plenty centerpiece from the table at the first Thanksgiving, while Dr. Floyd sets Dr. Grant straight on the holiday.

©2017 Grant Baciocco/Doug Price/Saturday Morning Media

Oct 14, 2017 - Join me as I head out to the Wisconsin State Fair to see all the animals, rides and food.  Including the Unicorn Twinkie!

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Oct 14, 2017 - Chapter 1 of 3. Toby and Rebecca head to the Bonneville Country Fair in Idaho for a performance and they land themselves smack dab in the middle of another mystery!

Molly Fite as Rebecca Taylor
Vanessa Whitney as Mrs. Jamison
Dan Garza as Mr. Mowrey
Grant Baciocco as Toby...

Oct 13, 2017 - We've got another great, vintage, item on the show this week, a Disney Big Al Keychain!  Our host gives it a review and then delivers his patented 'Paw Rating.'  Be sure to check out the Country Bear Collector Show Facebook Page over at and let...

Oct 8, 2017

STARRING: John Billingsly, Bonita Friedericy and Jim Ruel!

It's time for giving thanks in the time and space stream! Dr. Steve prepares dinner on his ship while Dr. Floyd longs for something a little different on his ship!

©2017 Grant Baciocco/Doug Price/Saturday Morning Media